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If the Walls Could Talk series #45-48

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I've made hundreds of images over the years of old abandoned homesteads, houses and barns. I am intrigued, not just by the buildings, but by the lives of the people who may have lived and worked in them.  I often imagine a story, a scenario of what might have been inside these crumbling walls, giving breath once again to the people who called it home. These are my stories, brief glimpses into the past. Continuation of series, images 41-44.

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Even the air is filled with sadness. Her leaving this world and him with six younguns to bring up. Preacher says the Good Lord’ll provide. He struggles to believe it.
If the Walls could Talk series # 45
Stubborn’s what most folks called her. She preferred determined. Not a one could talk her out of it. Used the little bit her daddy left her, bought a cabin sight unseen from an ad in the Platte County Dispatch. Packed a mule, sat her horse and headed west. Didn’t expect much, and she didn’t get much. Five acres and a fallin down cabin no bigger’n a chicken coop. 
If the Walls Could Talk series #46
Weren’t me, but somebody left the door open. Pair a squirrels helpin ‘emselves to the pie on the table and Ma chasin ‘em out with a broom.  Madder’n a wet hen, she was. We knew best not to laugh.
If the Walls Could Talk series # 47

Was near grown by time I reckoned it weren’t syrup Gramps had in them jugs. 

If the Walls Could Talk series # 48 Bootleg

To be continued...



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