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If the Walls Could Talk series #33-36

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I've made hundreds of images over the years of old abandoned homesteads, houses and barns. I am intrigued, not just by the buildings, but by the lives of the people who may have lived and worked in them.  I often imagine a story, a scenario of what might have been inside these crumbling walls, giving breath once again to the people who called it home. These are my stories, brief glimpses into the past. Continuation of series, images 33-36.

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He was a drinker, that one. And a srcapper, too. Spent near as much time in jail as he did in the mine.

If the Walls Could Talk series #33

Could see it coming from miles away. Suffocating darkness. Folks going hungry. Cows and horses with nothing to eat but fence posts. Land and everything on it laid to waste.
If the Walls Could Talk series # 34
His daddy worked hard, like his daddy before him. Built the place up from nothin. Weren’t the same for him.  Lit out east just after the old man died. Chicago, some say.
If the Walls Could Talk series # 35
La Jara BarnLa Jara BarnLa Jara, Colorado
Was our job to see to the prairie coal. Me ‘n Jimmy pullin the wagon out in the pasture, fillin it up and haulin it back to Ma for the fire. Cow patties all we had to burn. No trees to speak of hereabouts.
If the Walls Could Talk series #36
To be continued....





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