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If the Walls Could Talk Series 29-32

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I've made hundreds of images over the years of old abandoned homesteads, houses and barns. I am intrigued, not just by the buildings, but by the lives of the people who may have lived and worked in them.  I often imagine a story, a scenario of what might have been inside these crumbling walls, giving breath once again to the people who called it home. These are my stories, brief glimpses into the past.

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She sits, hands folded over the letters in her lap. Tears in her eyes.  Came all at once, wrapped in paper and twine. Read and re-read. He writes of beaver and bear, says he’ll be home soon. Says he misses her.
If The Walls Could Talk series # 29
Pa’s newspaper sat across from the only church in 30 miles. Made collectin’ gossip real easy. Whose goats wound up in whose garden. Who slept it off in Sheriff Tilley’s jail house. Never did get more excitin’ than that. Not so’s I remember anyways.
If the Walls Could Talk #30
Her daddy was none too pleased  learnin she’d fell in love with that young ranch hand. He run him clean off the property. Next mornin she was gone. Letter come three weeks later say’n they’d got hitched over’n Kansas City.
If the Walls Could Talk series # 31
The sheet music flutters a bit in the breeze from the open window. Her fingers lay lightly on the keys. It’s been a long time since she played. First one note, then another. A melody emerges. The notes deep and rich. Sorrowful.
If the Walls Could Talk series # 32
To Be Continued...



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